About Water on the Web

Central Irrigation Trust which is situated in Barmera, pumps water from the River Murray through large diameter pipeline systems to 1,600 growers who irrigate 14,000 hectares of horticultural crops in 12 Private Irrigation Districts in the Riverland Region of South Australia. The Districts are: Berri, Cadell, Chaffey, Cobdogla, Kingston, Loxton, Moorook, Mypolonga, Waikerie, Lyrup, Golden Heights and Sunlands

The irrigation systems have huge capacity compared to urban water schemes, but even so, need to have a water order system to keep them in balance. Growers can order water as often as they choose from the system anywhere between 10 minutes and 14 days in advance.

With "Water on the Web" growers are able to view a ‘water availability’ screen that shows when water is available at their property.

When placing an order, growers input details of the proposed order: outlet number, date required, start time, hours required and the flow rate in litres per second. Water is generally available, the order is confirmed immediately and a receipt number is issued. Growers then operate their outlet valve to irrigate their property. All outlets are metered.

The success of "Water Ordering" depends on all growers ordering their water, using the flow rate that they ordered and opening and closing their outlets in accordance with their approved order.

Growers are able to cancel all or part of their order should they subsequently not require the water by using the receipt number for that order. The Trust encourages all growers to keep a record of their orders and to monitor their water use against their annual allocation.

As well as using this Internet service, growers can place orders by:

  • Telephoning the office during business hours
  • Calling at the office
  • Telephone keypad

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